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[Oct. 13th, 2006|01:50 pm]

I stayed the whole night in front of the sea watching it. Was SO nice.
I was at home like in 8 AM which meant I was dreadfully tired that even through the bus ride my head fell several times on the guy next to me. which my good friend laughed and he felt awkward and I was just so damn tired to really care nor notice.

Today a good friend that I really missed that was abroad for two whole months arrives, and I was talking with my other friends about planing something for her.
signs in the enter of the city.. a small party.
nice to know that later on I found out from other friend that invited me to come.. and she wasnt even the one that planned the whole fucking thing.
sometimes my friends are one hell fucking ass bitches.
and I ALWAYS forget about it when they do need me and Im always on their side.

I just feel so much better now.